Apple To Launch iTunes 8 along with iPods On Tuesday


Apple is having an event on 9th september, so there are spectaculations going that there will be launch of new iPod nano and iPod touch. At the same time I believe that Apple will release iTunes 8, because it is a perfect day to launch. If Apple had to launch iTunes, it would have done it already, its been 2 years since Apple launched iTunes 7, but Apple has been patient on iTunes this time, because Steve Jobs didn’t want this launch to go wrong just like MobileMe’s launch did.
What makes me believe that both new iPods and iTunes is launching

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•Look at the picture above, you will see that Apple has used the same marketing technique this time, they always include signature silhouetted people used for marketing iPods. Which means new iPods are coming.
•Read the name “Let’s Rock” and think what makes us rock, does a movie makes us rock, does a game makes us rock, does taking videos and photos make us rock, only music makes us rock. So there is really something fishy in the event’s name. (I know this tip might sound absurd, but think again, who knows it could be true)
•I know that apart from music, Steve Jobs makes us rock, but Steve Jobs can’t launch himself because he is a human, not some electronic toy. (This point is just a joke)
•It’s been 2 years since iTunes 7 launched, don’t you think its time for Apple to launch iTunes 8, well I believe the time has finally come.
•It’s in San Francisco, why this city? Because when you show your product to guys and gals in San Fransico it is like showing it to the whole world. Which means Apple is trying to show something big to the world.
These points are just what I think, and I strongly believe in them. We can only wait till Tuesady and see what Steve Jobs have for us.

What do you think Apple is going to launch? Please share your opinions in the comment section.
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