Cosmetic Effects




Cosmetic is definitely the most valuable thing for women of this era.Some people are also suspicious about cosmetic effects. Cosmetics are a mixture of chemical ingredients which are made from some natural supplies. Without a doubt Makeup is used for the appeal and aroma of human body, but it has been technically proved that cosmetics and makeup can cause side effects and bad responses to our face and body.


  • One of the worst disadvantages caused by cosmetic products is cancer if not used or applied carefully and by checking. Some artificial colors, use of hair dyes and talc chemicals used in sensitive area can cause cancer.Which are harmful to smell also. Cosmetic products from talc till perfume contain chemicals which may or may not suit one skin thus one should always check on his/her skin before applying this will save them from any reaction on skin and other body parts.
  • Many women who use cosmetic products frequently have reported about issues with their eyes such as swelling, itching, small pores and eyelashes around their eyes. These problems are solely caused because of the makeup products as there is a strict warning about the side effects. Always check the expiry date before buying the product and its usage must be reduced as much as possible as it can easily generate eye allergies.
  • There are teenagers who mostly use mascara to make their eyes look beautiful and attractive but they forgot that they are using artificial substances which contain chemicals and in the end they often suffer from side effects.
  • Make-up usually welcomes acne, pimples and dry skin.If not applied correctly it can give you a real fake look.

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