Customize Landing Pages using GeoTargeting


Using geo targeting is a simple way to increase the conversion rates of our landing pages.Customizing landing pages we can increase the trust factor that visitors will have with your site. Geo targeting is basically a way to display different content on your page depending on the specific geographical location of a visitor. This is basically done by looking at the visitors IP address.While it is not 100% accurate, it usually does a good enough job to be effective.With geo targeting, you can hide the offer from visitors of irrelevance countries and and try to monetize these visitors some other way.

The easiest method of applying geo targeting is to add a little bit of Javascript to the page. We are going to make use of a free javascript library that Google has made available that allows us to implement this. Hopefully this will not be too technical and the code examples will be simple enough for everyone to understand. You should be able to just copy and paste the code into your own page.

First, include the follow line between the head tags:


Next place the following code wherever you want to insert the geo-targeted text:

The document.write() function just outputs text to the page and when I load this page in my browser, I see the message “Find sexy singles in Dublin, CA”. While that is not actually the exact city I live in it is actually pretty close. You can also include get the country name by using and the country code (ie. US, CA, UK) by using google.loader.ClientLocation.address.country_code.

The country code is a great way to target specific CPA offers on your landing page. Lets say you were promoting a ringtone offer that has both a US campaign and Australia campaign. You could do something like this:

Whenever someone from the United States visits the page, they will get the US version link and a visitor from Australia will see the link meant for them.I hope you found this short guide helpful for understanding how to implement geo-targeting on your landing pages.


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