Difference Between iPhone 3G and 3Gs


The iPhone has been the most sought after mobile phone with each release. And now with the 3Gs in the market its time to compare the two. Apple says that the added “S” stands for speed and the 3Gs does seem to sport a lot of speed improvements over the 3G. At first glance, there is almost nothing different about the two. Apple has decided to retain the winning iPhone look while managing to squeeze the improvements in[ad#Google Adsenselink468-15banner]

The 3Gs comes equipped with a 600Mhz ARM processor which is better than the 412Mhz processor of the 3G. This added processing power allows users to run applications without any noticeable lags or freezes. The radio has also been upgraded in the 3Gs. Where the 3G can only achieve 3.6mbps, the 3Gs can reach the maximum of speed offered by the HSDPA technology which is 7.2mbps. These blazing internet speeds mean faster browsing and downloads for 3Gs users who live in areas with HSDPA.

The camera in the 3Gs is also an improvement of the old camera of the 3G. It no has a 3 megapixel sensor instead of a 2.0 megapixel. Apple also added video recording support in the 3Gs, a feature that 3G owners sorely missed since most mobile phones already support video recording at the time of the iPhone.

On the software side, Apple added extra features to keep the customers happy. The first is OpenGL ES 2.0 support which is an improvement over the 1.1 version supported by the 3G. This means that the 3Gs can draw images better which give app developers an additional tool to work with. Voice control has also been added to the 3Gs, a feature that lets you control your iPhone with the sound of your voice. There is also a compass application that is supported with an embedded magnetic compass. This allows you to use your iPhone just like a compass in case you get lost.

1.They are more or less identical when it comes to the aesthetics
2.The 3Gs has a much faster processor than the 3G
3.The 3Gs can achieve 7.2mbps on HSDPA while the 3G can only achieve 3.6mbps
4.The 2.0 megapixel camera of the 3G has been replaced with a 3.0 megapixel camera that supports video recording in the 3Gs
5.The 3Gs can now support OpenGl ES 2.0 while the 3G can only support 1.1
6.The 3Gs has voice control and a magnetic compass which are not available in the 3G


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