Create & Share MS Office Documents via Facebook


Microsoft and Facebook recently gushed forth which will allow Facebook users to share and create Office documents on the fly., the web app is more like a stripped down version of upcoming Microsoft Office 2010, letting you to create and share Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations with your friends and peers. It is a brainchild of Microsoft FUSE labs, which has been focusing on creating online web app providing best social experiences.

To get started, just upload a document by clicking the Add a Doc tab, and start uploading or creating Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs. As it is still in beta, which means available for limited users only, you will need to sign up and enter the invitation code to test it out.

For privacy control, you will be provided with an option to choose your Facebook friends which can edit, view and share uploaded docs, therefore, you don’t need to worry for the any privacy issues. Adding more, to keep your friends and acquaintances updated with your uploaded documents, you will also be able add Docs to your profile.

So how will it effect Google Docs? Our opinion is that Microsoft, having investment in Facebook, will do its best to promote to millions of users. Only time will tell how effective this technique will hurt Google Docs on the long run.


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