Excel Trick Tip 1: Change dates like 20050923 to one Excel can “understand”


Suppose you are looking at a worksheet which contains dates which can’t be formatted as “real” dates because of their structure:

Select the date(s), and use Data tab, Text-to-Columns, [Excel2003:Data|Text to Columns]

Which brings up the Text-to-Columns wizard:

Even though the dates are fixed width, in this case you can simply click “Next” twice.

In step 3 of wizard Select Date, YMD:

If you click Finish now, the result will replace the dates. آپ کسی اور منزل سیل کا انتخاب کرسکتے ہیں,,en,نتیجہ یہ ہے,,en,ذریعہ,,en,ایکسل ٹرک ٹپ,,en,تاریخوں کی طرح تبدیل کریں,,en,ایک ایکسل کر سکتے ہیں,,en,سمجھو,,en:

Here’s the result:



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