Exchange Server Disable Read Receipts Replies exiting our Organization


For remote domains (Organization Configuration – Hub Transport) there are options for blocking delivery reports and non-delivery reports to remote domains.

The option for blocking delivery reports does ONLY affect read receipts.There’s also no option for disabling relay notifications “Delivery to these recipients or distribution lists is complete, but delivery notification was not sent by the destination:” (*)

However, these settings are only for remote domains. And there’s no option to disable delivery receipts and read receipts originating from the internet or sent internally.

For messages entering or leaving the Exchange organization via SMTP DSNs are requested using certain fields of the P2 header, such as


One approach to suppress such notifications is to remove these header fields using transport agents on ht and/or cas servers. But this does not fully solve the problem.

However a simple way to stop the delivery receipts is to create a transport rule

You have to create this transport rule.

So go into Organization Config —> Hub Transport —> Transport Rules tab

On the right, click New Transport Rule

Give it a name

In the conditions scroll down and select “if the message type is Message Type”

Change the message type to Read Receipt (add exception if you want) press Next

scroll down to the bottom of Actions and tick delete.

Note:-You’ll always get prompted at client side because the message contains the request for the read receipt.


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