FileFille – How to Create Fake Files


But who on earth is interested in creating a fake file and what is a fake file? A fake, dummy file is a big file which contains…nothing. Users who want to make a fake file usually want to make a joke or want to test an Internet connection speed by uploading a large file or want to slow a computer down by clogging it with gigabytes and gigabytes of fake space.

FileFiller is a free tool which creates fake files, dummy files of any size. FileFiller create files which contain zeros or characters, whose ordinal value can be specified. “The program supports FAT12/16/32 and NTFS filesystems, the files created in a FAT-formatted volume can be as big as 4GB, and for NTFS up to 80 GB”. It works in a simple way. Choose the file destination path or folder, select the data type which will be used to fill in the fake file: NULL(empty), ASCII ordinary value or random data. Now Enter how big you want the file and you are done! FileFiller will start creating a file in a few minutes!

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