How to Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 7


Windows 7 OS may not read your correct user profile properly, instead, load with temporary profile which will look completely different. If you are not aware of temp profile or missed to see the pop-up message at bottom right side of the screen, then really you will be surprised to see completely different and new desktop without your files,folders,shortcuts icons and any customized settings.

Your profile (located under C:\Users\user_name) is corrupted. There is another chance which is a delay in reading your profile files due to Antivirus scan or something else during boot up. Usually after typing your user name and password Windows tries to read and load your profile, if it gets corrupted or delay in reading, Windows will load with temp profile to give temporary access on computer.

1. Simply reboot
2. Rename to profilename.old
3. Deleted the .bak under ProfileID in registry

  • Start registry editor by typing regedit in run\find box of Windows 7.
  • Go into the registry and delete the effected profile’s subfolder under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

4. Deleted profile under System Properties

  • Go to Advanced settings of System , click on Settings (user profiles), select the corrupted user profile which is not loading properly in Windows 7, then press Delete button. Delete button will be enabled only if you login with different user account.

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