Google Docs vs Microsoft Web Apps


I spend an entire day playing around both Google Docs and Microsoft Web Apps. Even though I am using Google Docs for the past one year, I believe Microsoft Web Apps will be a serious challenge to Google in 2010 but will users migrate? Will I migrate? Now that’s a tough question.

Below I have discussed what advantages Google Docs has over MS Web Apps and vice versa.

Advantage of Google Docs
Due to Google Doc’s openness to support all Microsoft Document, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint formats along with OpenOffice formats and PDF format, converting one format into another and working across multiple environments become much more easier. It also supports HTML, Txt, and Rtf formats.

How can Google Docs be better: Increasing the limit from 500KB per file to 20MB or more per file can prevent users from migrating to Microsoft Web Apps.

Advantage Of Microsoft Web Apps
In Microsoft Web Apps, you will find almost similar interface and functionality of it’s desktop Office 2010 counterpart. Therefore making it easier for those users who are used to working in Microsoft Office environment.

Another advantage is that it supports documents, spreadsheets, and presentations up to 50MB per file which is enormous, while on comparison Google Docs only allows users to upload 500KB per file.

How can MS Web Apps be better: Adding support for OpenOffice documents and PDF documents can help Microsoft gain more users, but this is unlikely to happen.

So what do you think, will you migrate to MS Web Apps in 2010 when launched alongside Office 2010 or would you stick with Google Docs? Or would you use both? Leave a comment and let others know.


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