How to Convert Ordinary YouTube Videos to 3D Videos


So, maybe you have heard of the last 3D trend. Wherever you go, it looks like everything has been turn to 3D. At the Cinema theatres almost all movies are in 3D. But hey! Did you know that now YouTube supports 3D technology as well? Well, I think you may have missed this valuable piece of info, haven’t you? So, let’s see how to convert your YouTube videos in fantastic 3D Movies, for free and without any software!
The trick here is very simple. All we have to do is append a small code right after the videos you uploaded in order to let YouTube convert them to 3D movies! Here is the simple procedure:

1.Login your youTube account.
2.Pick a recently uploaded YouTube video of yours.
3.Edit its tag by adding at its end the following piece of code: yt3d:enable=true
4.Now, simply go back to the video link and play it.
5.On the right side of the video you will see an extra option which will let you watch the video in 3D. Click it!
6.Done! Do you have 3D glasses now?
The technology is pretty new and it is being applied to some YouTube videos. If you want to know what videos have got 3D features, visit this YouTube page.


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