How to Delete Gmail Emails Efficiently


he great thing about a Gmail account is that it gives you a lot of space (7+ GB). The downside is that you will have to delete Gmail emails in a big quantity, sooner or later! Spam emails (by the way, did you protect your account?), regular emails (by the way, did you prioritize them?), forwards, useless BIG attachments, tons of emails you don’t get rid of will heap in your Gmail account month after month, year after year. Google gave us a big power. The power not to clear our email account on a daily basis anymore, but it also gave us a curse! In fact, we are so comfortably self-confident that we won’t have to deal with space limit for a long time that we tend to forget to trash our emails. But this oversight will give us more than a headache as we will have to deal with thousands of emails in one shot! The result? Our Gmail account will run out of space, mostly due to those big files attached to our incoming or sent emails. What follows is a simple solution to this “huge” problem!

FindBigMail is a nice web utility which is able to help us with our clogged Gmail account! Have you ever got this message in your Gmail account? : “You have run out of space for your Gmail account. You will not be able to send or receive any emails until you delete some items.” Well, FindBigMail is here to solve the problem!

Basically, the web application scan your whole Gmail emails and filters out those emails with big, huge attachments. Once the scan is over, you will need to login your Google email account and look for the following labels: ‘My Big Mail‘, ‘My Really Big Mail‘, ‘My Ultra Big Mail‘.”

Just delete and clear them and you will have saved your account and…a lot of space!


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