How to Extract Text, Images and Photos from Google Books


Google Books contains tons and tons of free, ebooks. That’s why you might be tempted to download and extract text, articles and images from Google in order to have them available offline on your computer. Actually, it is quite easy to download Google Books as there are tons of free applications which solve this issue. However, I hear a lot of people saying that they would like to download a book or a single image, for example. Or copy and paste some text from a specific page. Well, actually there is no option to extract text from a page of your choice because almost all ebooks are copyrighted (that’s why you can not get any text or photos!). In Google Books only a small percentage is available for download as they are public domain ebooks. However, in the Internet there are some nice tools which let you download whole books and convert inner Google Books patterns to links. This means that you will be able to get any image, photo or picture from any page you want, for free!

Google Book Downloader userscript is a nice extension for your browser which places a small download button in the left upper corner of any Google Books webpage. If you click the button the script will create a left pane full of links for the book or magazine you wish to download. For each page of a given book a corresponding link will be created (so that you will be able to download single pages). Of course if on a page there is a photo or picture you will also be able to download it!

To use this script you will need the Firefox browser and the GreaseMonkey addon.


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