How to Fix Contacts Always Appear Offline on Windows Live Messenger 11 (WLM11)


Recently, a nasty bug is affecting Windows Live Messenger 11. Basically, after logging in WLM 11, all contacts will appear offline. Users trying to log out and log back in won’t solve the issue and all contacts will continue to be shows as offline. At the moment the cause is unknown but rumors on the Internet ascribe the issue to corrupted Windows Live Messenger files. What follows is the temporary fix to solve the issue, waiting for Microsoft to release the definitive patch.

Click Start on your Windows operating system
Click Control Panel.
Click Programs – Programs and Features.
Select Windows Live Essential 2011.
Click the Uninstall/Change button.
A window will appear on the screen showing you two options. Click Repair all Windows Live programs to repair WLM 11.
Restart your Windows Live Messenger 11. All your contacts should be displayed regularly.


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