How to Make Google Chrome Browser Faster (DNS Issue)


Google Chrome is one of the fastest browser ever. It implements new technologies in order to serve you web pages in the quickest way possible. However, some of these technology may not work for everybody with the annoying result to have a slow, very slow surfing experience accompanied by some weird error messages. Let’s see how to solve this issue and make Google Chrome faster!

The DNS pre-fetching technology aims to improve the way web pages are loaded. However, such a feature seems not to work properly for a lot of users with the result that your Google Chrome will hang while downloading a website, returning you with this message: “Resolving Host”. Other times instead you may get a error message like this:

“The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Here are some suggestions: Reload this web page later.” Here is a simple Google Chrome trick to solve this issue and get an ever faster surfing experience!

Open Google Chrome.
Click the Spanner icon located on the right side of the browser.
Click Options.
Click the Under the Hood tab.
In the Privacy section, untick Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance.
Click the Close Button.
Restart Google Chrome


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