How to Remove “Open With” Virus from Your Computer


An “old virus“ has been revaped on the Internet. I am talking about the “Open With” virus which pop-ups a dialog-box whenever you try to open a program with .exe extension. To fix the “Open With” malware there are not a lot of solutions to tell you the truth. In face, even though you try to open the antivirus installed on your Windows 7, Vista or XP, the system will ask you with what you want to open such program. This, of course doesn’t make a lot of sense since you can not open Norton Antivirus with, for example, Office Word! So, the first goal of this post is to let you run your antivirus or antimalware. In fact, the virus is rather simple and easily spotted by any virus removal, so no other steps are required in order to remove it!

Say that you want to open your antivirus because your main goal is launch an antivirus scan. Follow the following steps to fix and remove the “Open With” window (virus) and let your Windows run any software installed:

Right-click the icon on your desktop of the software you want to run.
From the menu select “Run as”.
Now, select Run as Administrator (or just select your computer username).
Scan your computer with your favorite antivirus.