How to Turn On/Off Autofill Feature in YouTube


YouTube has got a great autocomplete feature. Basically, it will autofill what you are typing on the YouTube Search field. Of course, you can turn on or off autofill at your pleasure in case you don’t like it (since it might be unwanted and annoying in some cases) or, alternatively, if you think that it may be useful since it helps you find what you are looking for (in case you don’t remember the name of that video-clip, for example). However, as you might have noticed, it is not very easy to spot the right settings. This tutorial will show you how to tweak the autocomplete option to your likes.

First of all let me tell you that such autocomplete feature is always turned on by default. If you can not use it, it only means that you or somebody else messed with YouTube options. The feature shows what you are searching or your past searches. In order to switch it on and off, follow this steps:

Start typing something on the Search field.
As soon as YouTube starts showing you some result which looks alike to your keywords, go with your mouse to the bottom right-side of the autofill white window containing the list of 10 keywords. Right there you should be able to see a small link called Close.
Click it.
At this point if you continue writing to the Search field, no keywords will be showed to you.
Sadly, this trick only works for one search at the time. In fact, as soon as you start typing something else the autocomplete feature will start working again.
You can not do anything to prevent this as YouTube hid the main settings page by default so that you can not tweak the video search in any way. This YouTube Help page, despite it is still available, it is completely useless, outdated and…fake! Such a way of behaving reminds me of Google and its decision to set the Instant Previews mode on, by default. Personally speaking, I don’t like it because users have the right to decide what’s best for themselves, but again Google (and Youtube) knows better. Google unquestioned power is becoming more and more intrusive in our daily Internet lives: Google gives and Google takes. Go along with it or leave it for good…