Is Google Chrome spying all of us?


So, Google Chrome is here. It is fast, minimalist and nice but, without you knowing, could hide something suspicious. As a matter of fact, lately in the Internet there has been a piece of news, that if true, could change the way you look at Chrome forever. An italian blog has recently tested Chrome by using a program called SilkPerformer. During such a test a web address was typed in Chrome. At this point the program started recording a weird activity. A lot of requests were sent through the Internet, from Chrome to this address: Such requests were sent without the user pressing Enter! For many people such an activity reminds the one which has to do with keyloggers! Keyloggers are malicious programs which record everything you type on your keyboard in order to save precious information about your privacy. Another thing I am curious about is this: is all this data sent through the Web in an encrypted mode or it is visible to everybody? Furthermore, it looks like Chrome sends infos about what you type to Yahoo. com and which are two famous search engines…but nothing is sent to Live Search. This is very weird to say the least, since Live Search is owned by Microsoft and doesn’t have any commercial agreement with Google. Waiting for Google to clarify these points…sorry guys to spoil all the excitements about the new G software.
YES, GOOGLE IS SPYING EVERYONE ! That’s how they have a stock priced $500 on NYSE ! They spy everyone and they want to totally spy everyone through their dumb browser which sends everything you do to them. I guess Google is even worst than Microsoft.

And now let’s be reasonable, do we really need any of those ? Do we need Microsoft when there is Linux and FreeBSD around ? No, we don’t ! Do we need Google, when there are a lot of other webmail providers ?! or even better we all can have a domain and mailbox if needed ?! No, we don’t AND they know it !

Is all about that, they want to spy on you so they know everything, they make millions on your behavior, predictions, sticking ads to your throat, giving you biased results in searches, spying your mail boxes, chats and all. They want to know what you think, so they can MANIPULATE you based on your thoughts expressed in your search engines. They know your questions, they can fabricate you answers, got it ? Stay away from Google if you got it and have some brain that still runs. Stay away from Microsoft too, as much as you can, away from facebook, twitter and other useless spy agencies nicely dressed. I guess they are run by the same people anyway.

But back to business, you can add cookie blocker and in firefox and about:config, you can erase all that contains google. You can also install adblock addon and block google analytics and other forms of spyware, like social buttons and all that garbage that shouldn’t be spread all over the web in an attempt to recruit you and spy on you.

You can use other search engines like,,,, aimed at privacy protection and forget about the corporate internet ! And stay away from the Google OS, that’s the most evil thing in web history, it’s a try to steal all your computer from you, luring you to hold all your content form your personal computer, on google servers !!! Beware of this new scheme called “clowd computing”, this is an attempt from these bastards to rename and own the internet and make you pay for every mouse click in the future. Is a try to take your freedom for good, with nicely colored apps.