Limera1n or Ra1ndrop To Jailbreak iPhone 4.0?


Limera1n or Ra1ndrop To Jailbreak iPhone 4.0?
The buzz is growing regarding a new domain name,, registered and recently updated by the infamous iPhone hacker, GeoHot. While Hotz has not confirmed the domain’s ownership and purpose, the whois record for both and Hotz’ are same, confirming that the domain actually belongs to him.

So what does this mean? We all know that blackra1n was geohot’s tool to jailbreak all iPhone and iPod Touch models to that date, so can limera1n be the next tool? Untethered jailbreak for all models? iPad OS 3.2 jailbreak? Or maybe the jailbreak for the upcoming sensation iPhone OS 4.0? Hard to say at present, but definitely worth looking out for.

Another interesting thing to be found from inspecting the elements on this limera1n page.

If you’d notice, the image is called ‘ra1ndrop’. Could it be a hint as to what the new tool will be called? I’d put my money there. Also the comment, ‘is lime even a color?’ Interesting.

All in all, I believe this tool is more likely to be an untethered jailbreak for firmware 3.1.3 or for the iPad, but it seems rather bizarre to register a domain for an OS that is not due to be out another couple of months. However, whatever the case may be, the jailbreak community looks up in anticipation to GeoHot, and we hope he will continue his streak of delivering to the people what he promises.

Stay tuned with us as we follow this developing story.


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