Local Group Policy deployment for non domain computers


How to create a local policy and deploy it to non-domain computers

1. Create local group policy
a. run mmc
b. add group policy object editor snap in with the local computer as policy object
c. add necessary administrative templates
d. define settings
e. close the policy object editor as to create, save and apply the policy to the local computer

2. Copy local policy
the created local group policy is to be found under:
%windir%\system32\group policy\
(this is by default a hidden folder)

copy the group policy folder with all subfolders and files in it

paste it into the same place on the computer you want to have these settings applied to

the policy will take effect on next restart

keep in mind that the local policy is the first to be applied so it is overwritten by any other policies that may be defined for this machine

3. Remove policy
if the policy is no longer necessary it is not enough to remove or delete the Group Policy folder as the settings are retained in the windows registry

if you know what the settings are then you can edit them into whatever value is required

otherwise run the local group policy object editor again (as in step 1) and reset all settings back to NOT CONFIGURED

restart the workstation and check to see if the settings are returned to their defaults


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