Taj Mahal


As there are many attractive places in world to visit but Taj Mahal is having its own value.

Introduction:-Taj Mahal is an excellent example of magnificent architectural beauty. Falling in the most beautiful monuments built by the Mughals, the unbridled beauty of Taj is immaculate and sways millions of tourists every year.

Magnificently built with white marble, it becomes difficult to express its stunning architectural beauty in words. Without a tad of doubt, Taj looks surprisingly beautiful particularly at dawn and sunset.Taj Mahal was completed in its construction in a period of 22 years. The number of workers who were involved in the construction of this monument was nearly 20 thousand.

History:-Like Taj its history is also very famous. It took around 21 years and 20,000 labors to get Taj Mahal completed.Taj Mahal was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.Taj Mehal symbolizes pure Love. It has inspired many lovers, artists and especially those who want to do something for their loved ones.By the late 19th century, parts of the buildings had fallen badly into disrepair. During the time of the Indian rebellion of 1857, the Taj Mahal was defaced by British soldiers and government officials, who chiselled out precious stones and lapis lazuli from its walls. At the end of the 19th century, British viceroy Lord Curzon ordered a sweeping restoration project, which was completed in 1908. He also commissioned the large lamp in the interior chamber, modelled after one in a Cairo mosque. During this time the garden was remodelled with British-style lawns that are still in place today.

Visitors:-Tajmahal can be visited anytime but Agra is really hot in the summers.So make plans accordingly. Also it can be reached by any means of transportation – Air, Rail and Road. There are many hotels available in Agra; you can choose one depending on your budget. Those who want to know more about history of Tajmahal they can hire a guide .Guides are available for non-residents /foreigners at nominal fee.Today, some 3 million people a year (or around 45,000 a day during peak tourist season) visit the Taj Mahal.A two tier pricing system is in place, with a significantly lower entrance fee for Indian citizens and a more expensive one for foreigners. Most tourists visit in the cooler months of October, November and February. Polluting traffic is not allowed near the complex and tourists must either walk from parking lots or catch an electric bus. The Khawasspuras (northern courtyards) are currently being restored for use as a new visitor center.

Conclusion:-Your mind’s fully refreshed as if you were travelling from Shah Jahan’s splendid era. This noble Emperor surely had his chaste bride in mind when he planned the Taj Mahal. The rectangular base is symbolic of the different sides to view a beautiful woman. The main gate is like a veil to a woman’s face which supposed to be lifted delicately on the wedding night. In fact, it is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings of the world which is harmonious, graceful and pure. Inspired by love and shaped to perfection, the Taj Mahal immortalizes one man’s love for his wife


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