The Best Google Tips


Google is the best search engine available on the Internet. Period. That’s why it is important to know how to master it with this Google tricks section! When Internet started becoming famous the only search engine available was Yahoo! Since then many things have changed, and competition has got tougher and tougher. Nowadays Google is in a prominent position and everybody uses it to search whatever available on the web. Millions of people use its powerful engine everyday, and millions of keywords are used to search. From web pages to blogs, from people sensitive information to website backdoors that only too often are used to hack, steal and damage companies, people and websites. These are just a few examples of the power Google owns and the way it can be used. But if you think to know everything about it well, think twice. As a matter of fact, Google is not just useful to make searches. In fact it can be used and “manipulated” with cool tips in ways that you can not even image, and that could solve many of your everyday problems. This is the goal of this guide: let you look at Google with different eyes and use its power in new ways. I bet that when you will have finished reading, you will consider Google as your best Internet friend, able to help you more than you would have thought.

Did you know that you can use Google for…

Track flight status Do you want to know what time your flight leave? Here is what you have to write: [your company name] flight [your flight number] Ex: british airways flight 354
Get the local time from any city or location in the world If you want to know the time is in a certain city, write this sentence: what time is it [write here the name of the city] Ex: what time is it New York
Convert everything into anything else Google is the most powerful converter and calculator ever invented. Did you know? You can convert currencies, metrics, number etc. Here are a few examples:
1 US dollar in pounds (of course this is just an example. You can use whatever currency you want)
minutes in hour (again, everything is possible here. Here is another example: years in century)
bits in kilobytes
hectolitres in litre (ok, maybe I exaggerate here)
Compare things How many times have you wished to know if something is better than something else? Here is the solution: “better than [write you what you want to compare]” Ex: “better than norton antivirus”
Find Music You can fill Google in with codes that work with everything you are looking for. They are able to change the search engine in a powerful Search Operator. Here is the piece of code: -inurl:(htm|html|php)intitle:”index of” ”last modified” + “parent directory” description + size + (wma|mp3) “frank sinatra” Of course you can search something else instead of Wma, mp3 files, and you look for any other singer instead of Frank Sinatra.
Find definitions If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can ask Google! Here is what you have to write: [define: serendipity]
Calculator With Google it is not necessary to buy a calculator. In fact, you can calculate whatever you want within the search engine. Here is how: [100+758+23-254]
But Google goes beyond all that I have just written, and lets you search things in hundreds of different ways. Codes, Boolean search, special characters are just a few examples of what you can use with Google to fine tune your search and manage to look for something that, till some time ago, was really impossible for you to get. Let’s start this little trip by learning how Google works with the basic searches.

[red white] Ok, I know, this is really simple but I want to start from here, from what you know to move towards those Google regions that will leave you speechless. This simple search will let you find those pages containing the word “red” and/or the word “white”. Nothing difficult so far, right?
[red white] This search will let you look for those pages containing the words “red” and “white”. This is a more specific request that will exclude a lot of unwanted results.
[“red white”] This search will let you look for pages containing the exact sequence of two or more words that are to be next to each other and in the same way they are written. In this example, Google will look for “red white”. Nothing else will be taken into account.
[red or white] This search will let you look for pages containing the words “red” or “white”.
[red -white] This search will let you look for pages containing the word “red” but without the word “white”.
[red ~ white] The little character you see here is called “tilde” and lets you look for pages containing the word “red” and whatever connected with the word “white”
I bet you already knew most of these tricks to search, right? But it is not over yet. Let’s go deeper and deeper in our quest for the perfect search with this tips and tricks, and let’s learn how to make specific requests to Google.

[chocolate site:] This search will let you look for specific pages in the website and containing the word “chocolate”.
[intitle: chocolate:] This search will let you look for specific pages in the website having the word “chocolate” in their titles.
[info:] This search will let you look for all the information owned by Google about the website
[link:] This search will let you look for those websites that link to the website
[cache:] This search will let you see a copy of the website stored in Google’s server.
Again, Google let you search for information about different things such as: movies, stocks, flight, weather etc. Let’s find out how:

[movie: lord of the rings] This search will let you look for the reviews of the movie Lord of the Ring.
[stock:goog] This search will let you look for Google stock exchange information.
[weather New york NY] This search will let you look for the weather in New York.
[fly New York to Las Vegas] This search will let you look for flight from New York to Las Vegas.
[1260 New York Broadway NY] This search will let you look for a address in New York. It will also show you a map from Google maps.
Are you looking for sheet facts about cities, counties, people etc? Are you doing your homework and you are at loss about how to find specific information. Google can help you!

[gdp italy] Gross domestic product of Italy.
[population Italy] Population of Italy.
[location Italy] It gives you an idea where Italy is.
[capital Italy] The capital of Italy.
[anthem Italy] The national anathem of Italy.
[flag italy] The flag of Italy.
[birthday of luciano pavarotti] The birthday of Luciano Pavarotti.
[biography of luciano pavarotti] The biography ofLuciano Pavarotti.
Did you see how many ways you can use Google to look for whatever you want? Google it is not just a regular search engine, but a powerful tool to learn, solve and understand many problems you may face during our daily life. Enjoy it!