Windows 8 Features


Windows 8 is the re-imagining of Windows, an operating system used by over a billion people across the world. It is also the riskiest. In 2010, In terms of user interface, Windows is the biggest change in the history of OS after Windows 95.
Consequently, there is lot that is new in Windows 8. We list few big changes that are going to impact the way people use their computers.

  • New desktop is included in Windows 8.User can have access easily to all the system programs.
  • It includes programming language like C++,C++\CX, C#, Visual Basic.NET or HTML and JavaScript.
  • Windows 8 features a new lock screen, which includes a date and time display, along with the ability to display notifications from apps. Two new login methods optimized for touch screens are also available, including a four-digit PIN, or a “picture password”; which users allow the use of certain gestures performed on a selected picture to login. These gestures will take into account the shape, the start and end points, as well as the directionality. However, the shapes and gestures are limited to tapping and tracing a line or circle. Microsoft found that limiting the gestures improved the speed of sign-ins by three times compared to allowing freeform methods. Wrong gestures will always deny a login, and it will lock out the PC after five unsuccessful attempts, until a text password is provided.
  • Windows 8 includes an overhauled version of Windows Task Manager.
  • Family Safety will no longer be separate install via Windows Live; it will allow Administrators to monitor and restrict user activity via web filtering, application restriction, and computer usage time limits.

                             You can discover more while using it.


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